Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Microsoft Word to open the resume templates?

Yes! Most of our resume templates are Microsoft Word ready. You can view them and edit them to very easily!  Rar, Eps, and doc, are common file types also.  You will need a RAR reader to open most of the templates and a graphic editor such as Adobe illustrator to edit the templates yourself.

Can I use Mac to open the resume templates?

Yes! Each of our resume templates comes with a Mac compatible file, which can be opened or edited easily on any Mac computer.

What do I get when making a resume template purchase?

You will get 3 files, including a font file used in the specific resume you purchase.

What if I have trouble editing the resume template?

We will be glad to help you! Please navigate to our contact page and let us know if you’re having any trouble opening or editing the resume template.

More Q & A

“Who will be working with me and what are their credentials?”

  • has a team of writers that includes CPRWs (Certified Professional Resume Writers), NCRWs (Nationally Certified Resume Writers), and PHRs (Professional in Human Resources) certification. They combine experience including human resources, staffing, resume writing, and professional proofreading to make your experience the most competitive in your industry..

“How important is the cover letter?”

  • The cover letter is an instrumental part of the job search process. Many hiring managers and human resource professionals are particularly busy reviewing resumes in this challenging economy. They may not take the time to open all attachments in their email boxes. It is for this reason that a cover letter highlighting some strong achievements from your resume is absolutely necessary.

“What formats do you provide resumes in?”

  • We provide resumes in Word documents. PDF and plain text documents are also available upon request.

“What if I need to make changes to my resume later on?”

  • If you need to make changes to your resume due to a move, email change, or job change, or otherwise, your Word document is fully editable. You can simply delete old information and fill in new information. Minimal changes should not affect our professional formatting.  Make sure you save a copy of your new resume in your files for future use.

“Where will I be able to contact you once I have paid?”

  • After you have ordered your resume, a professional resume writer will be in contact with you through a welcome email. They will also use this opportunity to ask you for any additional information that you may need. You will also be able to contact us at any time via email at

“My employer does not know I am looking for a new job. Will my name be kept confidential and will my resume be posted anywhere without my permission?”

  • Confidentiality is of utmost importance at With long years experience in staffing and recruitment, our principals and writers have experience with very confidential and personal information. We will never disclose your personal information in any way without your permission.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our resume writing service is an interactive process that involves both your input and ours. If you are unhappy with the format, text, or any other aspect of your resume after delivery, just let your personal writer know exactly what you would like changed – and we will revise everything to your specifications, free of charge.